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Owner-Managed Business-Creditor Proofing

21 Jun 2016

Essentially you will be removing those assets from the liability of a lawsuit in the event your operating company has a lawsuit filed against it.  There will be additional legal and accounting work to be done so you should expect extra fees to get this prepared.

Here is a typical set up....you have a successful operating company (OPCO) that is at risk of some liability from the type of work you do.  You have $100K in cash in the bank and own the building that you operate out of.  After the setup is complete you would have a holding company (HOCO) that holds the extra cash and the building.  If the OPCO is sued then that law suit is limited to the assets of the OPCO and you save the your extra cash and the building.

For more information review the July SmallBiz Builder and then contact us for more information.

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