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Thinking of out sourcing your payroll? Now is the time!

11 Nov 2016

If you are doing your payroll manually it would be wise to consider a payroll service.  Not only will this free up time for you but it will improve your reporting and possibly save you some money.

The main advantages of Paytrak Payroll are:

-    - Once you are set up, completing your payroll is reduce to minutes since you only need to complete a worksheet, email to Paytrak then they will automatically pay your source deductions and WSIB which means no late filing penalties or interest.  This alone can have significant savings if you are late even once.

·      -  Employees get direct deposit so there is no more check writing.  This also pays your employee immediately so you don't have to replace lost cheques or wait for them to clear the bank account.

·      -  Employees get pay stubs securely emailed to them so you never need to replace or prepare them again

·       - Reduced service charges from your bank.  Since the bank charges you for each cheque written the service charges are reduces to 1 withdraw compared to 1 for every employee paid.

·       - ROEs are a snap and completed online

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