Monthly Accounting & Financial Reporting

At Padgett we believe that current information is the key to your success! Our monthly financial statements and accounting services are tailored just for small business owners and supported with a full understanding of your individual needs, issues and deadlines.

  • Each month when we come by your business to review your results, you’ll receive a complete financial statement package.
  • Our proactive approach also helps to obtain bank loans, re-finances and leases. Because we work with you on a regular basis our information is current and quick to transfer to lenders.
  • We also monitor your income for tax planning. Since we have current information we are better positioned to help you tax plan and reduce an unexpected tax situation! This is a key component of ours and can help to save you thousands of dollars.
  • Need help with Government reporting? We are specialists and all you need to do is provide us with your reporting information when we pick up your monthly package. We will accurately prepare the report and return it for you to send to the government. If we are late we’ll pay the penalty. It’s the Padgett Guarantee.
  • Did you receive a government notice you aren’t sure how to handle? Send it to us and we’ll assess the problem and send a response.

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