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As a small business owner you know that record keeping is an essential part of your business. Therefore choosing software to fit your needs is also important. We know there are a variety of options and many business owners find that software claiming to be simple and easy to learn is just the opposite. This is the main reason that PADGETT CONNECT was developed.

PADGETT CONNECT is a easy to use record keeping, invoicing and payroll package that is perfect for many small businesses. With straight forward applications, you won’t be bogged down setting up complex schedules or learning accounting structures. Additional benefits of Padgett Connect are that reports are easily customized to your business and we offer free client support.

PADGETT CONNECT is simply an efficient application that is easy to use and learn. In fact Entrepreneur magazine, recommends PADGETT CONNECT as a useful tool for anyone considering starting a new business.

------------Excerpt from Entrepreneur Magazine

Find Simple Accounting Software: Padgett Connect is an accounting software program from Padgett Business Services geared toward the average user who doesn't have in-depth knowledge of accounting. It's customized by Padgett for each client's business, and user support is free. The program can handle everything from writing checks to sending invoices. It also aims to make everything easy to use, with simple terminology and preset charts of accounts tailored specifically to the user. --J.P.

Why spend your time and money learning complex software designed for large companies? PADGETT CONNECT offers you a simple solution that you can begin using within minutes. Download the Free 30-Day Trial today to see how PADGETT CONNECT can make a big difference to your business.

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