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Completing payroll is a necessary task that can be very time consuming. By allowing a professional service to take this job off your hands your personal time is freed up, which lets you work on ways to grow your business and develop new relationships. By way of personalized relationships and efficient service, we provide peace of mind to help small businesses succeed.

Here are some additional benefits:

1. Time and money savings with direct deposit
2. Immediate government remittances
3. Ability to complete payroll quickly and easily
4. A personal representative for your business

1: Using Paytrak payroll service is a big time and money saver. Payroll costs don’t just include the amount of pay that your employees are receiving; there are additional costs as well. If you include the time and cost to process payroll, as well as cheque fees, you will realize the savings quickly. Paytrak will also deliver concise reports in a way that suits your business needs.

2: With Paytrak, government remittances are immediate! No more late fees or penalties and you are never running to the bank at the last minute. Source deductions are withheld at pay date and remitted on your behalf, on time, every time.

3: The ease of completing payroll couldn’t get and simpler. Once employees are set up, payroll is called, emailed or faxed to your representative. Imagine completing your payroll while on vacation with a click of a button or phone call. Now that is convenience! Paytrak will also complete all ROE’s and T4’s, allowing you more time for to build your business instead of completing paper work.

4: At Paytrak, you are an important client! Your business will have a personal representative that knows your business and employees and how to approach their individual concerns. Being familiar with your account means they can provide a quick response when you contact our processing centre.

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