We offer Financial Reporting, Tax Consultation and Preparation, Bookkeeping, Complete Payroll Services and Business Advice

Financial Reporting

Current financial reporting is essential to business owners! Having up to date financial information about your business allows you to make the best decisions for growth, managing cash flow and day to day operations.

We will input your business details monthly and provide the most current financial statement so you will always have it on hand. These concise reports are ideal tools to determine budgets and future projections since they are indictors of the peaks and valleys of your business.

Tax Consultation and Preparation

We specialize in all the taxes that affect your small business: income tax, payroll tax and sales tax. We are able to provide answers to your questions and keep your current with the government.

Since we prepare your tax remittances on your behalf, you can use your time more efficiently. We take the hassle off your hands which means less time researching or being on the telephone.


Proper record keeping is an important administrative component for any business. Bookkeeping is time consuming and can quickly become an annoyance so we help to streamline your procedures and minimize the time spent in these areas.

We will help to reduce your administrative tasks which frees up your valuable time. Imagine what you could be doing with a few extra hours each week?

Complete Payroll Services

Our payroll services are designed for small businesses with one or more employees. Our payroll processing centre, PAYTRAK, employs state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals to make managing your payroll a worry-free process. An experienced customer service representative is assigned to every payroll client to ensure dedicated, personalized attention.

  • Conversion to our payroll service is easy, with no data input required by you.
  • Efficient, timely service with no penalties. Guaranteed!
  • Direct deposit provides an added convenience.
  • Personal service makes for a smoother process.

Business Advice

We're always here to answer questions and offer sound advice that gives you the competitive edge. We like to be considered a sounding board for your ideas and strategies. We want your business to grow and succeed!

  • We provide in-depth analysis which factors in your present status as well as future goals, so you can make fully informed business decisions.
  • Our exclusive "Padgett Reality Check Report" performs a comprehensive data comparison of your business with others in your industry, so you can improve performance and profitability.
  • We don't just crunch the numbers, we help you make them better.

Do you get all of this from your current accountant?

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